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At SBCS our goal is to help students earn their degree. Part of our vision is to 
provide quality higher education at very low tuition cost. 
Another way we strive to help our students is by offering monthly payment plans without any additional charges.

All programs are subject to a one time registration fee of $50.00

Pastoral Certification Tuition:                  $1,500 
Associate of Arts Tuition:                         $1,800
Bachelor of Arts Tuition:                          $1,800
Master of Arts Tuition:                             $2,050
Master of Divinity Tuition:                        $2,700
Doctorate Tuition:                                     $2,500
   * Tuition Costs are quoted for the entire degree program.
   * Tuition prices are subject to change without notice. However, tuition      rates  will never be raised on active students.
Monthly Payment Plan Option:
   Every student is given the option of paying tuition on a monthly basis with no addtional costs. Regardless of the degree program students may pay $50 per month towards their tuition. To qualify for the payment plan students must maintain an "active" status. Payments must be kept up to date, and student must continue to work on classes toward their degree program. No student will be turned down for this option but we reserve the right to remove a student from the payment plan option if the student falls more than 90 days behind on their payments. If a student falls behind they may contact us for an extension and remain active.
What is an Active Students?

An active student is one who is not more than 90 days behind on tuition payments, and maintains ongoing communication with the school administration office. 


When a student changes address, phone number, or email, it is the responsibility of the student to notify us in writing so we can keep records up to date. We cannot be responsible for failure to provide grades, or financial information to students who do not provide us with accurate contact information.


We reserve the right to consider a student inactive if we receive three returned pieces of mail due to address change without notifying us.


* Keep in mind it is NOT our desire to increase tuition, deactivate students, or impose any extra fees on any student. It is truly our desire to assist our students in their educational pursuit at the lowest possible cost.

Withdrawal & Reinstating

It will always be our desire and best effort to work with students who have been unable to continue their studies or make required monthly payments. If a student is unable to make payments, they can avoid becoming inactive by asking for a temporary halt on monthly payments. Halting monthly payments are taken on a case by case basis and should be discussed with us at the administration office.


While a student is inactive we will not provide grades, transcripts, or diplomas. Once the student brings their payments up to date we will provide grades, and all administration as before.


If a student becomes inactive for any reason a $50 reactivation fee will be applied to the students account. Once the reactivation fee is received the student may resume studies. 


As previously stated it is our sincere desire to help all students complete their degree requirements, and policies are not in place to prevent or delay anyone, but rather to help us keep tuition costs at a minimum for those who are up to date on their requirements.


Thank you

Dr. Brian McFarlain


Diplomas and Graduation

Upon successful completion of all required coursework, students will receive an 11x14 diploma and an official set of transcripts. Extra transcripts are available for $15.


We do NOT charge a graduation fee and currently we do not charge a diploma fee. Diploma printing usually takes 7-10 days for us to receive it from the printing company. When we receive diplomas we immediately send them to students.


Additional copies of transcripts may be ordered for $15 each.


Addtional diplomas may be ordered for $25 each.

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