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Program Overview

The process:


Southwest Bible College & Seminary operates on an open enrollment platform. Students may enroll and begin on any calendar day.


Students may enroll in one or more classes at a time.

Each class requires a textbook and comes with a syllabus informing the student of the requirements for the class.


Assignments are submitted by mail, or email in the student drop box. 


Grades are sent out on the first of each month showing all grades and credit hours earned for all previous months.


Textbooks can be purchased from SBCS or a student may request a list of textbooks and purchase them from an outside source. However, if the student purchases their books from an outside source there will be a $15 grading fee for each class.


Students are allowed to work at their own pace and complete classes as rapidly as they choose. 


Students are allowed the following time for each degree program:


Pastoral Certification: 36 months


Associate of Arts Program: 36 months


Bachelor of Arts Program: 36 months


Master of Arts Program: 36 months


Master of Divinity Program: 48 months


Doctorate Programs: 36 months


  * Students who cannot complete their degree program in the time alotted will be granted a 12 month            extension with no additional cost. 


  * Students who fall behind 3 months on tuition payments are subject to a $50 reactivation fee.



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