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Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies


The foundation for all of our degree programs is the Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees.


Upon completion of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies the student can choose a major field of study 

in several areas.


Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in "Christian" Counseling Psychology

Master of Arts Program


Upon completion of the undergraduate program most of our students decide to continue their studies for advanced learning 

by entering graduate school. 


We offer several degree programs for advance learning.


Master of Arts in Theology

Master of Arts in Christian Education

Master of Arts in Ministry

Master of Arts in "Christian" Counseling Psychology


As well as a Master of Divinity Degree program.

Doctorate Level Programs


We are very proud of the many alumni who have decided to earn advanced degree in post graduate level education. 

Like our graduate and under graduate level studies we offer the following programs.


Doctorate in Theology (ThD)

Doctorate in Christian Education (DcE)

Doctorate in Ministry (PhM)

Doctorate in "Christian" Counseling Psychology (PhD)

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