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Bachelor of Arts Major Theology

Prerequisite: Completion of an Associates Degree



15 Credit Hours from Core Curriculum


Requirements from Major:

BTH 401 Apologetics

BTH 402 Christian Education I

BTH 403 Ethics

BTH 405 Dispensational Theology I

BTH406 Introduction to Missions

BTH407 Introduction to Ministry

BTH409 Church Administration 

BTH410 Disciple Making

BTH411 Eschatology

BTH412 Homiletics

BTH413 Hebrew Prophets

BTH414 Pentateuch

BTH416 Calvinistic Theology

BTH417 Hermeneutics

BTH418 Theology of Arminianism


Total Credit hours from Major: 45

Total Credit hours from Core: 15


Total Credit Hours Required: 60




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