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Southwest Bible College and Seminary is fully accredited with the American Association of Theological Institutions.


Accreditation is perhaps the most misunderstood topic among students seeking higher education. When an institution seeks accreditation a few important decisions need to be made. 


First, the school must decide what type of accreditation best suits their students.


Secondly, the school must decide what value the accreditation brings to the school.


When most people think of accreditaion, their minds immediately think of governmental approval. While that may carry some form of clarity, it truly does not explain accreditation or its value. Accreditation is simply the oversight of some external body that endorses the degree programs of the institution. Whether a school thinks the federal government or a christian body is best suited for that task is completely up to the school. 


Accrediting bodies use standards for measuring academic institutions. These standards will vary between the federal government and christian associations. At SBCS we do not believe the federal government is prepared for, nor should be required to govern christian education. For that reason we have chosen to be fully accredited through christian accrediting bodies. 

Southwest Bible College exists to train students for postions in ministry, students seeking secular education should pursue programs at a secular insitution.


Southwest Bible College is proud to be fully accredited with American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions. 

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